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Letter to ARC


Published on before 2005

Dear Fred,

Thank you so much for telling us about our print. I had never even heard about Bouguereau until we bought the print. We both spent about a week trying to make out his signature and finally gave up. My husband and I are both self taught artists, so we have many art sites on the web saved in favorites. It took me about a week to find something of similar style with the same woman. From there, the more I searched the less I found. Until I found your website.

It's wonderful. I visit fairly often just to look at your gallery and you've introduced me to artists that I never even heard about. We support your mission completely and will probably renew our membership every year. We both love the print that we received with our membership.

As far as owning an original, I'm afraid that an original is totally out of our price range. That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to, just that it is financially impossible. We try to support artists in our local community and buy from them when we can. As a matter of fact, our Bouguereau print is the first piece of art we've ever owned that wasn't an original. We tend to be picky in that way.

It seems that throughout history, too many artists go unrecognized during their lives. The renewal of interest in art itself by many people is a product of organizations like yours and the online capabilities available today.

Thanks again, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. My plan is to find a print of the original oil to put beside our print just to appreciate the differences in them.

Ann Yancer