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Published on before 2005

I would just like to thank you for providing your archives of work. It has served to inspire me daily and to a great extent it has influenced my own work. I'm a senior in highschool in California, and I too share you feeling on the oppression of tradionalist techniques. My AP Studio Art Class provides very little in the way of encouraging this type of art, so I have taken measures into my own hands and practice oil painting in the style of J.W. Waterhouse, Carravagio, and Bouguereau on my own time at home.

I have been accepted to Pratt and SAIC, but scholarship money from both schools has been only modestly generous, which I suspect may be due to my tradionalist styles. No less though, I will use your Scholarship competition among others to find my way into either school and further my classical painting techniques, however much ridicule I may endure. Again, thank you for serving as a wonderful resource and inspiration.

Michael Fusco