Giulianini and Brooklyn Museum

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Giulianini and Brooklyn Museum


Published on before 2005

In case any of you have not heard, The Brooklyn Museum is now exhibiting that disgusting piece that was in London, of the Virgin Mary surrounded by images of vaginas and anuses, and all splattered with elephant dung. To his credit, Mayor Giuliani has informed the Brooklyn Museum that he is freezing all of the their funding from the City of New York, which is $7,100,000 or 1/3 or their yearly budget. Apparently modernists think that calling something a work of art exempts it from reasonable standards of decency. The liberals are up in arms claiming the Mayor is trying to infringe on First Amendment rights of freedom of speech. Of course this begs the question, which is not the right to exhibit such an object, but whether tax payers should be forced to fund it. One can't help but speculate how these same liberals who are ready to deface other people's religion, would respond if an image of Martin Luther King Junior was so abused. Suddenly freedom of speech would be called racism and there would be massive demonstrations and threats of violence. Apparently freedom of speech only refers to liberal speech.

This reminds me of a part in Orwell's book Animal Farm, where the animals were told that all animals are equal, only some are more equal than others.

Fact is truly stranger than fiction.