The beginning of what is clearly a major cultural shift

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The beginning of what is clearly a major cultural shift

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Published on before 2005

Stuart Denenberg wrote:

So you are the Taliban leader against modernism, the Luddite we have been waiting for? If you were not obviously in deadly, I should say, poisonous earnest, you would be dismissed as a rather lame joke. But despite my affection for ALL the art you collect, [...] I am indignant that you would stoop to such confrontational inanities. My dear Mr. Ross, you are not respectable. Modernism is part and parcel of art of every era -- from the earliest discoveries, such as perspective in the early Renaissance -- to the experimentalism you attempt (without success) to ridicule. Dear sir, it is you who is ridiculed by your own remarks, hoisted, as Shakespeare might have observed of you in particular, on your own spear. How dreadful your mind, how bathetic your speech. Please - Mr. Ross - go away.

Utterly sincerely,
Stuart Denenberg


After thousands of praise filled letters thanking us to the heavens, ... finally we have found someone who doesn't like us.

Your ad hominem accusations are typical and pathetic (not bathetic) and demonstrates the panic that has been struck into the hearts of those in the art establishment who know they have been making their careers on a stack of lies, a house of cards ready to collapse at any time now, especially when the market place realizes that all "investments" in Modern art have lost between 50 to 90% of their value since 1987.

Comparing us to the Taliban? Really now! What intellectual dishonesty! When you have no arguements you cry racist, or bigot, Nazi or Communist, hoping to discredit your opposition with more lies instead of facts or truth.

Far from ridicule, the Philosophy and remarks I made at the Met June 7th are being widely praised and acclaimed by thousands, and the statistics of the Art Renewal Center has soared to over 5,000,000 hits per month in the 10 months since we opened.

Rant all you want. The truth is the truth no matter how many times it is denied. Far from going away, you have only heard the beginning of what is clearly a major cultural shift.

Fred Ross

Founder and Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, Ross is the leading authority on William Bouguereau and co author of the recently published Catalogue Raisonné William Bouguereau: His Life and Works.