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Pigment Chart


Published on before 2005

Rebecca Neef wrote:


Does anyone out there know where one can find a chart giving the numbers of all the pigments used in paint? You know, like PR112 is Napthol Red, or whatever.

I'm trying to determine what, exactly, is in some of my older tubes of paint.



I have a reasonably up-to-date list in my Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 06-02. If you'll provide me with a list of the pigments you have, I can look them up for you. The book is available from ASTM International for something like $75.00, but I can save you the money if all you need from it is the names of a few pigments.

Ralph Mayer's book, The Artist's Handbook, has a list, but it's an old book, so the list will be dated, meaning it will not include new pigments that have come into existence or into artists' use since the last edition of that book was published. Mayer died in 1979. Mark Gottsegen's book, The Painter's Handbook, also has a list, more recent than Mayer's, but still not current, since it was published in 1993. Mark is currently updating it for a new edition, but I'm not sure when it will be available. He and I are on the ASTM Subcommittee for Artists' Paints and Materials. There are a few discrepancies between his book and Mayer's. In these instances, Gottsegen is more likely to be correct, as he has the advantage of still being alive, with access to the latest developments. I recommend his book highly.

-- Virgil Elliott