Attacking Modernism at Ohio State University

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Attacking Modernism at Ohio State University

From Rick Casebolt

Published before 2005

Hello sir. I am currently enrolled in Ohio State University, Newark Branch, and I am taking a class on music and art since 1945. I was originally on the web to do research for a report I have to do on modern artists, but I came across the "Good Art" website. I feel that I must congratulate you on your FAQ page about your opinions and ideas on good art. In my class, we are being told that artists like Marcel Duchamp [1887-1968] and Rothko [1903-1970] were revolutionary and great artists. I have always believed that this "Modern Art" movement is a load of bull, and after reading through your FAQ page, I feel ever more strongly that my opinions are accurate. I agree with the answers you provide to those who criticize your thoughts and feelings about this modern art movement, and I wish to congratulate you on putting these thoughts so eloquently. I follwed the link to the ARC, and have now learned about the realist art movement, something that I have not heard of before. I greatly appreciate what you have done with your FAQ page, and you have my agreement, support, and thanks for so eloquently voicing the thoughts that I have had about modern art. I have printed your FAQ page and plan on showing it to my 'professor' and my friends who try to persuade me into believing that modern art is decent art, which is something I have fought against from the beginning. Again, thank you.

Rick Casebolt