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Proposal for an ARC Approved Reading List ...

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005


I'm looking for someone to organize just such a section on ARC, a list of credible books that we can recommend that teach the "real" history of the past 200 years.

Since 99% of what was being done in the late 19th century was academic art, and all textbooks used in today's art history survey courses completely ignore academic art, or just mention it to malign their art and artists, therefore those texts are not history books at all. They are propaganda brochures for modernist ideology.

It would be like writing a history book about the 20th century and failing to mention or describe the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain, because we don't like those things.

In this case it's more like the history texts used in the Soviet Union which failed to describe capitalism and how it worked for fear that their children might just question the ideas and motives of their parents' society.

Such books are today relegated to museums as examples of the propaganda brainwashing tactics that they were.

What is taught to art history students in today's college and universities about traditional academic art, is much the same. They are denied critical knowledge about art history which they need to make in formed judgments.