Excellence in Realism

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Excellence in Realism


Published on before 2005

I have wondered aloud with other painters and quietly about this matter of excellence. Very good art school graduate students that never create imaginative and powerful work. We look on curiously in disappointment and wonder why.

It cannot be the fault of a fine atelier. From the time of Michangelo long term art schools have given the world's finest artists. Education is not only required but a requisite to fine art production.

The truth is the same faced by Law schools and Medical schools. Attaining a degree from a good school must be only the start. The burden for excellence must fall upon the indivuals. Not every graduate of Harvard Law school ends up on the Supreme court. (I've had two such grads from these in my art classes and both no longer even practice law.)

The arts have always counted on the unique power of the lone voice. Our unique selves are the one thing we can each give the planet. Art is not about a group, school or a country; it is about one person. That is a pretty scary reality.