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Excellence in Realism


Published on before 2005

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Timothy Tyler
Juggler Oil on panel
40 x 30 inches
Collection of Fred and Sherry Ross
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That's just it, . . . It is up to the individual to transcend the skills and visual language obtained in an art education and make "great" art from there. Of course, who is to say what is great art? I see a lot of mediocre art produced by artists from ateliers.

When I say that, I mean that the work simply is not interesting or does not go beyond the staples of the training in these schools. Your painting of a boy juggling is far more interesting to me than the hundreds of standard nude figures or still life paintings that I've seen so many times. This is not a "slight". I just think that all atelier-trained artists are not created equal. It is like anything that requires skill; there's always a dozen or so people at the top and the rest are the mediocre ones. Like in major league baseball, there are so many players at the professional level, but not everyone of them transcends the sport, not everyone is a Barry Bonds or an Alex Rodriguez. The schooling/training is just the start, the rest, like you say, is up to the individual.