Can it be learned?

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Can it be learned?


Published on before 2005

ColdBozo wrote:
[I] am admittedly no expert artist or art historian, but I am always a bit bemused at the veritable obsession in much of art teaching with developing an individual style, and being original. I would think those are the easy bits!
Jeffery responds:
Yes, as an instructor there's nothing more difficult to deal with than an 18 year old student fresh out of high school who has a "style" most often taken from popular media.

In the case of that kind of student, they have confused "style" with "formula." And while it is good they have been encouraged, the idea that they've completed their artistic search and settled on an approach worthy of the name "style" is a bit outrageous and most often an impediment to further skill development. I fight what's "taught" in the high schools all the time. I think a style emerges only after a long period of serious exploration from a mature perspective, and it certainly ought not be anyone's "goal".

Absolutely! It's yet another instance of preposterism ( in education.