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These truths ...


Published on before 2005

Mark Strutt wrote:
You sound a bit like someone from the National Vanguard.

How so?

I hope you're not saying that you think that the whole world should look and think like the US are you?

Did he say that? What he said was that there's a movement afoot to put down Western culture at every turn in a bigoted way... just like you are doing here.

If so then this is what's wrong with the US.

What exactly is that? Look, if I find out something is good then of course I want to see other good people share in my discoveries. Why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I want to learn about the discoveries of other people too? That's how intelligent and open-minded people think. You seem to think that's somehow a bad thing, but for no good reason I can see.

Western culture is not down and out.
We in north America are the biggest richest consumers of natural resources per capita in the world.
The Western cultures have been homogenizing the world into a McDonald's restaurant friendly creep show like a cancer on the face of the earth.

Yes, Western culture is highly influential and successful. The West's universities are also churning out millions of graduates who have been trained to constantly hate and criticize it like you just did. Tell me, what would you think of someone who said that "Israeli culture is a cancer on the face of the Earth." or "Ethiopian culture is a cancer on the face of the Earth."? You could instantly identify such claims as bigoted racist garbage. Your comments fall into the identical category.
I for one love the fact that I can get in a plane and fly to Japan and take in a completely different culture.

I like to travel too, but that doesn't mean that I express bigoted anti-Western ideas as you do.

You better get out and see the world, pal.

Anyone who has traveled around the world should have no problem identifying the numerous wonderful things about Western culture and American culture, and those who recognize those wonderful things are not the bigots you make them out to be.

You're just pulling my leg right ???

No, are you pulling ours? When I google your name all I come up with is some Greenpeace guy's information. Are you a real person or are you just masquerading as an artist here?

-- Brian