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Published before 2005

Concerning Picasso:
How easy to say "I painted like a God and got bored and moved on to deeper things". Horseshit! I'm so sick of hearing that lie.

I have never seen anything by MR P that impressed me including his early work. There a a million youths that can do pretty good work - for a teenager. So what?

Shandi Sherwood wrote:
This is some information that I found on spanisharts.com about the Picasso painting. I have also seen this painting before in published books at the library. Regards,

(Primera Comunión)
Oil on canvas.
Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Pablo Picasso began painting at the early age of 11, when he was admitted to La Coruña Arts School. He started painting this picture at 14 and it shows mastery of color, composition and technique.

Picasso himself said in his later years: '... at 15 I painted like Velàzquez, and it took me 80 years to paint like a child...' Possibly both are true, but he really reflected the necessity to explore and innovate new artistic ways since the beginning of his career.