Quieting Voices at the NEA

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Quieting Voices at the NEA

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

Jeff, do you think they would dump a proven great teacher with tenure in order to get rid of his representation instruction and then hire someone even better?

You guys "don't get in trouble here" - you get your ideas challenged openly. People can write books and make movies where they are unopposed gods using fabrication, manipulation of facts and personal agenda promotion in a very closed system. It is quite another thing to see those same folks with those same ideas being debated by informed opposing views. It is the way of the collegiate art system, most modern museum programs and most art editors; to remove responsible voices of dissent. My wife was on NPR in a debate with the director of the National Endowment for the Arts. (This President was some ex-actress I recall.) My wife was winning the debate so soundly that the editors on NPR cut off her voice so the NEA president could ramble on and make her little statements without having to answer for what she was saying.

Truly open debate and conversation is NOT what the modernists want. The truth will not set them free. Most people choose representational art. Most tax payers resent the orange sewer pipe they pay for to plant in front of their art museums.