I Think I'm Going Crazy! (Frustrated Student)

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I Think I'm Going Crazy! (Frustrated Student)


Published on before 2005

Thanks for writing. You aren't crazy. Your experience is repeated every day by students in the official university system who want to learn to paint and draw but are stopped by the lunatics they hire as professors there. At least you managed to find MJAS in time.

Have you looked into the ARC scholarship program? Have you talked to MJAS about financial aid or reduced tuition in light of your situation? Do you have a portfolio of works that demonstrate your potential that you could use to get people excited about sponsoring your further education? A website might be a good place to put such materials so you can get them in front of the most potential sponsors.

You might also want to drop a line to Fred Ross, Chairman of the ARC and see if he can give you any advice. [...]

Good luck, and let me know how things come out for you!