Thomas Kinkade

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Thomas Kinkade

From Travis Louie

Published before 2005


I thought we've covered Thomas Kincade before. But for your amusement, I'll tell you what I think of him. He is a lot better than his work presents him to be. He knows how to really paint, but is more interested in the marketing. I remember he once told a friend of mine that he wanted to be famous by a certain time in his life and he has succeeded. When he was an illustrator starting out he showed great promise. Making great art just isn't important to him right now. I tend to admire artists for different reasons; some I admire for their creativeness and ability to entertain me, others, . . .for their technical virtuosity as they push themselves to the limit of what they can do, versus the artist who is only interested in monetary gain and fame. It is easier to admire Mr Kincade's ability to sell his product, but not what his product looks like. Perhaps in the future, he may show us what he really can do, but for now, his little cottages and rustic homesteads don't do it for me. It's not just how you paint, it's also what you paint.