Insecurity; forces at work

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Insecurity; forces at work


Published on before 2005

People buy the current pop art because they don't trust their own tastes. They hire interior designers who "design" homes that they don't feel connected to for the same reasons. This insecurity in one's own opinion and tastes is what was born in the 20s'and 30's whereby regular normal folk's thoughts & judgements were discounted and given to the arch. dept at Yale and by MOMA who was being run by German refugees from Hitler's rising power. Read Tom Wolfe! - it's an interesting history of a movement that was still born in Europe and given a revival here in the states. It will have everyone saying "ah..." From Bauhuas to our House - T. Wolfe 1978?

Thank goodness millions of people are secure enough not to need assistance when buying furniture or art.