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From Graydon Parrish

Published before 2005

In the back of the Bargue-Gérôme catalog, there is a glossary of art terms, researched from 19th France. Not complete but a start. Plus Delacroix's Dictionnaire des Beaux if you can read French. Not hard in this case.... it's not Proust.
Some beginnings:

Croquis = thumbnail sketch, quick thoughts, gestures, etc.

Esquisse = sketch, oil usually, rapid, loose but complete idea.

Étude = study, highly finished drawings of parts, can be whole figure as part of a planned painting.

Academie = highly finished drawing of the male nude traditionally. Sometimes with narrative or allegorical overtones.

Mise en page = placement of figure, composition.

Mise en trait = outline, blocking in of figure, cast.

Bozzetti = sketches, often for clay as in Berninni's bozzetti (bozzetto) in the Fogg Museum, Harvard.

Mi-corps = painting of half a figure.