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Drawing Synthesis


Published on before 2005

I agree. I further think there are more good drawers than painters. That may simply be because artists spend too much time learning to make a finished drawing and never quite get to color. Color is a huge challenge. It is vastly more complex for hundreds of reasons than drawing. I've known scores of great "drawers" that fail when they try to paint. Drawing for a painter is an important prerequisite.... but much lies beyond. Half of an artist's training spent on drawing is too much. All this discussion on color of WB suggests how complex this can be. It requires time. Great artists find new ground beyond their formal training - this too takes time. I see no reason color training cannot and should not start along with drawing - done in concert not as a separate aspect that one graduates to.

I like about 15 or 20% of what Degas did; his designs could be original - his color bold, but I wouldn't spend too much time studying his drawings.