Drawing Synthesis

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Drawing Synthesis


Published on before 2005

Drawing is the child. Painting is the grown-up. All good sculptors and painters can draw. Not all good drawers can sculpt or paint. Art schools and ateliers crank out dozens - indeed hundreds of young folks that can draw a very good nude man leaning on a stick. You can wallpaper a whole house with really well done drawings from art school. How many of these same good drawers ever make great oils? Very few numerically. This is natural. Walk first then run. I still contend that too long is devoted to the b/w work and not enough with color. Great color is rare. Awesome original design is rare. We have 4 dozen new "Pandora's Boxes" I'm sick to death of "Pandora's Box"!

I'm also very bored with dull, non-expressive, belabored figure studies. These drawings I refer to are the training block exercises. They are to the painter what running laps or weight training is to the athlete; helpful, mundane, required, routine, uninspired, prerequisites.

Another famous quote from an artists is "drawing is a solo - painting is a symphony."