Optical greys

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Optical greys

From Monica Nelson

Published before 2005

Thank you Virgil,

At this point I’m more concerned about understanding the depth of the conversation, looking at these pieces spoken of and seeing the technique. I absolutely agree with you about starting with the basics. Even though there is considerable review work in drawing, I’ve not been in a forum that required such detailed realism. I did choose to start with a drawing course, I had bought Tony Ryder’s book and subsequently took one of his seminar courses. I am primarily self-taught with acrylic. As I study new materials, I’m learning anew as well as learning the appropriate names for technique I’m already using. So I feel like a babe in the woods at times and in reference to the optical red and gray, I didn’t feel as though I understood that technique and that seems to be right. The explanation you gave clears things up for me.

I need to take the time to figure out how to post photos, I’ve had 2 emails returned, I believe you’ll see what I’m talking about in my work. I’m not new to a brush or a pencil, but I had never had the opportunity to be formally trained and now I do. I want to learn correctly and produce beautiful work.

Monica Nelson