The X Factor and Dead Poets Society

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The X Factor and Dead Poets Society

From Jeffery LeMieux

Published before 2005

Rubik Kocharian: On this site, in very "rational" way, Beauty was identified with Truth and they both were "well explained" and formulated. So in order to avoid yet another "X" we may ask rational philosophers on this site, how to precisely calculate the Truth or Beauty for each painting. By doing so we all will be able to avoid "X" and move straight forward creating masterpieces :-)

Good one Rubik. ;^)

Shades of Dead Poets Society when they rip out the chapter dealing with quantifying literature?

For my part, I believe that Good has no necessary or sufficient conditions, and is therefore not susceptible to quantitative or conventional philosophical analysis. Which is why we NEED artists. I think learning about good is like an apprenticeship where you are shown in a variety of ways what the desired outcomes are, and left to your own understanding to piece it together and produce the result by which your understanding will be judged.

I'd define beauty as the image of wisdom, and wisdom as knowing good.

I think it is the exercise of searching for good (excellence, arete') and a willingness to triangulate in that search with other sincere people that inspires real progress. In the end, we all have a view of good and our art (and life) is our best shot at articulating that understanding.