Rats' nests

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Rats' nests

From Fred Ross

Published before 2005


Art departments in most universities are rats' nests of incompetence. But note that I used the word "most," not all.

Clearly where there is a worthy professor teaching honestly methods and techniques that he or she has mastered themselves, then there well may be something there worth saving.

But please note that in 4 short years we have at ARC successfully identified 54 academies, atelier schools, and worthwhile programs within larger art schools that we don't approve, and a growing network of workshops, all of which successfully impart the methods and techniques that are the result of hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge, and which few if any university are departments have the expertise the teach.

Nearly 2000 students are receiving valuable education not available to tens of thousands of university art students, and were we to take the last 100,000 students to major in fine art over the past several decades, I dare say that 95% of them... perhaps as many as 99% of them will be inferior artists to all of the graduates of the ARC Approved programs.

I think that's a pretty compelling reason to throw out the current university system.

What they need to do is to beg, borrow, implore and hire the masters and graduates from our atelier system and give them the jobs currently held by their modernist faculties who should en masse be shown the door and tested for potential career changes.