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Art Appreciation class


Published on before 2005

This all sounds very similar to my "Culture, History and Ideas" course (art history). They went through the Renaissance from a purely technical point of view and they focused on its "rigidness". As soon as we hit the Modernist period, we were told that it is was more creative than the periods that had come before. "Poor Mondrian was subjected to the Academy, and he had to break free." When I first visited the ARC site, it was the first time I had ever heard of Bouguereau! He is never in our text-books... never! He's probably the greatest painter ever, yet most art students outside the atelier or have not seen the ARC website, will never hear of him. And if they do somehow hear his name, it'll be in a negative context. Not even Sargent was in my text-book. And they always hide behind the fact that they can't cover everything.