Thinking and doing

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Thinking and doing


Published on before 2005

Jeffery LeMieux wrote: I do think artists who think too much sometimes have to "get out of their own way." I know that is a fault of mine more often than not. So while I agree that there are many valid modes of fighting modernism, I do think art is about doing, not so much as thinking.


I would say it is more about doing than talking. There's plenty of thinking that must be involved in order to paint well, but it is not all expressible in words. Other parts of the brain must be called into play than the ones that think in that way. Too much talk gets in the way of those faculties, stifles them, eclipses them entirely if one lets them. That is why I sometimes say, "Too many words, BAAAD! Paint, GOOOOD!"

I'm going back to my easel right now.