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A realist in the real world


Published on before 2005

Kimber Scott wrote:
As for the university, why not try to change it from within? Maybe, it's a "I got mine, they can get theirs" problem. Maybe, it will never change. I think everything changes. Somebody's just got to start rowing. Somebody who gives a...

- Kimber Scott

Yes, and best of luck in your efforts. BTW, as you know, universities have never trained good artists in the way that the apprentice and atelier system did, so you're not just fighting to swing the pendulum - you're trying to create something that was never there. In any case, keep up the work. I know that I was starving for realistic painting and would have signed up for any local university course that taught basic craftsmanship. Had to study from non-academically credentialed local painters. Fortunately, I was able to attend some great demos and workshops from some excellent masters.

- Jonathan Grimm