On the general subject of university change

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On the general subject of university change


Published on before 2005

That's all fine and well to say what you have said; now show me the portfolios of those teachers and professors who have passed such rigorous testing.

I will be surprised if their drawings are one quarter as good as the average students in ARC Approved schools.

If the standards they must meet are being set by people who are incompetent, and they are passed as good regardless how horrendous their work is, all the rest matters very little.

You know the old Wendy's commercial where the little old lady comes up to the counter of a competitor and says in a gruff, husky voice "Where's the Beef?"

Well let the same be true here for the "intense set of reviews" you describe below.

Where's the Art?

Let's see what they can do. I'll wager the answer will be .... very little.