On the general subject of university change

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On the general subject of university change

From Jeffery LeMieux

Published before 2005

Kimber Scott wrote in response to Brian Yoder:
[...] We may agree on the aesthetic ineptitude of the "modern," but those are opinions as much as the opinions of those who believe the opposite. Maybe, you have decided, as vehemently which church is "true?" I can find you someone who believes, just as vehemently, it's a different one. See, this is where the problem comes in and why it's important to respect other's ideas as valid, if only for the fact they are entitled to have them, as much as you are yours. [...]

Not all opinions are equal. In fact, if there is such a thing as truth, then every opinion will line up with every other opinion in an hierarchical order with respect to that truth. The difficulty is in evaluating the relative worth of an opinion with what is known or believed to be true. The only case in which opinions are equal is when they are either identical or there is no such thing as truth.

I must say that the discussions on good art are usually very enjoyable, and generally free from insult and innuendo, though not free from passionate position earnestly defended. Bravo. I wouldn't have it any other way.