Pockets of resistance

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Pockets of resistance


Published on before 2005

[...] It would be wise to realize that some of the smaller colleges and universities are doing things right. One of the art profs at this school just accepted an offer from Savanna School of Design. Grads from these places stand a far better chance of getting work in their fields once they graduate. The national numbers for this are whacked. I think I read 1 or 2% of art grads get work in the arts. Take away teaching positions and the numbers fall much farther.

There is where much of the problem with art dept in universities lie. The kids that sign-up and the parents that agree to this, really just want Johnnie in college. If Johnnie will go to school and throw clay pots that's better than him dropping out.

For many who pursue art with a burning love such an attitude seems strange. Many of us were down right angry to see what silly stuff we were subjected to as art students. As Vern Swanson recently wrote, when the gifted artists show up to these places they are often shunted over to commercial design, etc, where they might actually learn something useful, the collegiate version of visual (beaux arts) being considered art therapy at best, even by the schools that offer it.