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Published on before 2005

Rubik Kocharian wrote:
There are very few "accurate" executions but it's not anything like what they talk as "accurate" today.


Believability is important in representational painting, whether it is absolutely accurate to what the artist observes or not. Accuracy is an ability worth mastering, in that it helps equip the artist for the creation of believable imagery, but it need not be strictly adhered to once mastered. In creating works of art, we are designing artistically, not just recording what we observe, and this often involves deviating from whatever we might be looking at, in the interest of a more artistic image. That does not excuse deviations that go beyond believable imagery, or which create less aesthetically pleasing design.

Ideally, artists need to convince the viewers of the quality of their work through the work itself, rather than through verbal justifications and arguments after the fact. This is where most of what is generally termed "modern art" fails.

Virgil Elliott