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Published on before 2005

Piet, Van Gogh continues to appeal to me. I have never liked Cézanne. I grew to like Van Gogh. I feel his works portray emotion and soul and his brushwork rather than look raw look powerful. His work stirs me. He did about 35-40 pieces that I really enjoy. Nothing Cézanne produced works for me nor ever has. Maybe this is a personal response and if so we here could argue forever about these points and we'd all be right (or wrong). But I am sure at my age, I can discuss art coolly and judge its merits point by point. I have judged many shows where I personally know the artists - I can still analyze the art separate from the name attachment. Sometimes art becomes something close to love or religion. If you have faith, love or belief you cannot be deterred from those embedded feelings.

I contend that there are many people today that were "brought up" - taught in their youth, that Cézanne was great. This is not unlike being reared in a certain religion. No matter how one tries they have the worst time trying to shake that brainwashing, to use a harsh term.