Salvador Dali on Cèzanne

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Salvador Dali on Cèzanne

From Mani Deli

Published before 2005

Piet Spijkers wrote:
When Dali accuses Cézanne of painting concrete, he is, of course, making a joke of Cézanne's famous statement that he wanted to make Impressionism into "something solid and durable."

Forget the "concrete," it's beyond you. Here's the really important part of the statement which is dead on!

Dali on Cézanne:
"The paradox is that what is least admirable is most admired: nullity! What a symbol for a period! On the pretext of the academic being detestable, the worst in the class was made a hero! He opens the door to the ethics of sh*t! Newness at whatever cost and art becomes just a latrine! The logic of this search for newness leads to the glorification of total sh*t of which Cézanne is the high priest."