Hollow talk

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Hollow talk


Published on before 2005

Piet Spijkers wrote:

The question you asked was: name me one positive comment which is not "hollow talk". There it was. Evan talked, with reasons, about an "indisputable giant" - with arguments you may agree with or not.

But that was not the point here, (your being in agreement or not). I also like Pavarotti´s voice very much.

By the same standard you use to label the negative comments regarding Cézanne "hollow talk," i.e., your personal judgment, I likewise regard laudatory comments regarding his work in the same light, by the standards of my own judgment, substantiated by the absence of visual evidence of mastery in the paintings in question vis-à-vis the works of many actual masters of the art of painting. Can you really justify proclaiming Cézanne an "indisputable giant" if you recognize Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velasquez, Rubens, etc. as examples of indisputable giants? Cézanne is certainly disputable as deserving of that status. I and many others are disputing it; therefore it is not indisputable. Who disputes Rembrandt's worthiness?