Hollow talk

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Hollow talk


Published on before 2005

Piet Spijkers wrote:
The question you asked was: name me one positive comment which is not "hollow talk". There it was. Evan talked, with reasons, about an "indisputable giant" - with arguments you may agree with or not.

But that was not the point here, (your being in agreement or not).


I do not recognize Cézanne's having opened the door for Picasso, et al, as a positive thing at all. That is essentially the basis of Evan's comments regarding his importance.

In the same spirit as the rejection of purported dogma of the 19th century academic standards has been upheld as praiseworthy, I likewise reject the orthodoxy of the 20th century art establishment, and challenge the worthiness of its sacred cows, including Cézanne. A precedent has been set for this line of thinking, so surely it has to be recognized as valid, unless there is some sort of double standard at work.

Virgil Elliott