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ARC for Artists of all Ages and Stages

From Penne

Published before 2005

The prospect of a virtual atelier is fascinating to me as a longtime homeschooling mom and a dedicated autodidact in my own right. We recently acquired the new Drawing from the Figure DVD from the Academy of Realist Art (the art school formerly known as MJAS.) It is an excellent addition to our library, IMHO.

I am especially impressed with Fernando Freitas' professional style and down-to-earth presentation, and equally thrilled to learn the Juan Martinez has now joined the Academy faculty as Nicole (Nike) prepares to begin her studies in Toronto this summer.

Once again, I want to express our appreciation for the encouragement and support received from the Good folks here on the discussion list and at ARC in helping her make this very important decision.

Looking forward to hearing more about the online project in the future.

All the best,
Penne & the Ard Family