Photorealism vs. nature

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Photorealism vs. nature

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

Here's what I think about this. Cameras are tools... just like automobiles are tools for transportation. The average human walked further each day in 1700 than they do today - their legs are used less and are weaker for the neglect. Shall we blame the tool? It is rather that some people choose to walk everywhere. There are huge people in Wal-mart that manage to walk to the front door, then fall into one of those little golf carts for their shopping experience.

Cameras are tools. If some never use anything else - it really shows in their work. I have a car yet I walk. I have 2 cameras yet I [paint] from life more than half the time strictly... It is my hope, then, that even skilled painters cannot tell when I have made a work:

1. purely from life

2. using only photos

3. using photos and color sketches (as is often the case and is what Virgil wisely suggested Clyde Aspevig does.

I have to go walk now... My new candlelight is done.