Technical truth

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Technical truth

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

There exist certain truths regarding the methods used to make good pictures. When professional painters sit around and visit they agree on many things. I should clarify, "when aged, sucessful old painters that know each other's work" sit around and visit they agree on these points:

  • Tools are good

  • Tools must be understood and mastered

  • Good drawing and good design must come before good shutter skills

    (If you learn to draw well and paint well you may end up no better than the masters of old that worked before the camera was invented or perfected) whereas if you only learn to use photo equipment you are LOST! LOST LOST... this is an essential thing that not everyone here understands. I could write down one very impressive list of living painters that would agree with this completely. We need to be frank about it. If you can draw and paint well from life you don't need a camera. If you need a camera, you are lost.