Digital Art As Fine Art

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Digital Art As Fine Art


Published on before 2005

Patrick Lawrence wrote:
That's true, we do not have the kind of printers I would like - at least not in large production. But we will not too far in the future have printers that print digital strokes in 3D with pigments as good as in the best oil paints.

When or if they do, I will reconsider my reservations, but so far the superior lightfastness boasted of by the manufacturers of new printing inks has not been borne out when they've been tested. We at ASTM are currently looking into this. One important requirement for a fine arts medium is a reasonable degree of lightfastness. If it fails that criterion, it might be suitable for commercial art, student work and/or children's use (provided it is deemed sufficiently safe for children), but not for fine arts.

Virgil Elliott
(member of ASTM Subcommittee for Artists' Paints and Materials, D01.57)