Taking it to the front line ...

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Taking it to the front line ...


Published on before 2005

My 22 year old son was on a tour in Spain of one of the "great art museums" as they went through the modern section the docent got really excited and he went into his explanation of why the flat squares were great art. He made the mistake of floating a question to his captive audience like "Do you appreciate how complex and deep this work is?"

My son said, "It looks like crap to me! ... Any third grader could do that. My Dad is an artist, I know what art is." He said you could hear a pin drop. The guy then began to sputter and defend his statements as best he could.

But this is an interesting idea - we could all start to question this propaganda in person as it is being spouted off. Actively challenging these experts where they live.

I enjoyed the story.