Fake Rocks and Fake Art

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Fake Rocks and Fake Art


Published on before 2005

Timothy Tyler wrote:
There is and has always been a huge difference between the real thing and a bad fake or copy. We've all seen the fake rocks in 50's movies or in waterfalls at theme parks - these simply lack the stuff that makes us feel they are the real deal.

Now the van murals painters have lain down their airbrushes and taken up the PC. Taste des not come in the package with the PC or the airbrush. Education and training is not included. Good is good and bad is bad - it matters not how the art is made.

I completely agree, but you seem to be implying something else too, which is that anyone who uses a computer must not have taste, skill, training, etc. and that somehow using that particular tool means that the results will be bad. There are hacks in every medium and computer media are no different. --Brian