Nudity in Art

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Nudity in Art


Published on before 2005

Mark Junge wrote: So - without getting into the pros and cons of Christianity as a belief system - what would you say to a teen (or an adult, for that matter) who believes nudity in art is wrong or even that nudity = pornography? Bible verses to support your point would help, since conservative Protestants, especially, love to throw Bible verses around. I'd like to forward some thoughts to my friend.

Afternoon Folks,

This is the prime example.

Adam and Eve, lived in Eden in a State of Grace, and were nude.

Only after they ate of the apple, did they come to realise that they were naked and looked for leaves to hide their shame. [Nude nice, naked naughty.]

To paint a nude is a Fine Artist's attempt to recapture that State of Grace.

The position a nude is placed in also enhances the state of grace - Giorgione's Sleeping Nude for example.

A decidedly graphic pose, legs spread open, pubic hair and so on is an attempt at pornography. Modern poses are often just rude.

Now I guess you can all nail me to the cross for my extremely Victorian views. (chuckle)

* By the way the sexual feelings about models usually fade away after the first twenty minutes or so, as the mind shifts over to the logical mode. If you're really concentrating.