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Published on before 2005


By suggesting that you begin by drawing simple objects from direct observation, I don't mean to denigrate the practice of copying from the Bargue plates, just for clarification. I'm sure it will prove helpful as well, but do not neglect drawing from direct observation. I did not know of the Bargue plates when I was learning to draw, and I still managed to become a good draftsman and painter. So did many artists before Bargue.

Keep in mind that it is a long road you are embarking down, and realize that there is a great deal to learn between beginner and master level. It is unrealistic to expect it to happen in a few short years' time. Take things one step at a time, and persevere, and you will make progress. If you skip any step along the way, the result will be a weakness, so build on a solid foundation. Remember that there are no shortcuts. Don't bother to look for them. Instant gratification is not to be had in this field of endeavor.

Good luck with it.

Virgil Elliott