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William Zorach


Published on before 2005

Afternoon All,


Our story continues. 150 years later and Johnny, now walking with the aid of a cane through heavily decayed streets, shambles everywhere, points out to his grandson Mikey (no relation to you) barely recognisable rubble.

Saying: "Once we had empty-walled buildings called Museums of Modern Art."

Mikey, turns to his aged grandfather and says, "Wow, must have been a dark age for you."

Mickey's wife calls out, "It's time to go, you two. The Museum is closing and you don't want to miss the big Titian show, next to the French Academics and the Neo Renaissance of the 21st Century. It's to die for."

The time portal closes.

Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree.

*Apologies, Mike that was just a little too depressing. We can affect reality, through dreams.