The Modernist shell game

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The Modernist shell game

From ARC Staff

Published before 2005

Raymond G. wrote: Today I found a book written by Wassily Kandinsky called Concerning the Spiritual in Art. I was shock by what he said for it is quite similar as what I want to expressed. I am very appreciate as what he said, "I value only those artist, who really are artists, that is, who consciously or unconsciously, in an entirely original form, embody the expression of their inner life."

Raymond, it's all hogwash. To write words - to express ones' innermost ideals or dreams or hopes (or spirituality) whatever that means; is all GREAT - that is called writing. To produce a physical thing (like painting or sculpture) that represents these thoughts in a concrete form is quite another. The modern artists and their buds are great at writing artists' statements - deep, meaningful artists' statements. You know what? If you placed 25 artists' statements next to 25 works of "art" by these people I'll bet you couldn't match 5 of the 25. It's all goobly-gook!

If the actual work does not stand up (meet or exceed) the BS then maybe it's ONLY BS. I read a book by Sherwood Anderson recently that was written in 1901. He said as a young writer he moved into the village (NY) with other young, serious writers. They all wore black and chain smoked and drank wine and thought deep thoughts - but none of them ever wrote anything. How little things change, huh?