Fine Art education in the former USSR

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Fine Art education in the former USSR


Published on before 2005

[ Editor's note: As may be evident, Mr. Satanovski is not a native English speaker. ]

Good morning to All,


All hours I am posted ARE practical - there were theory too, but this hours strictly - painting and drawing. And there were some determination, and extra hours, and a lot of motivation. Simply education of Art Teacher BA, not MFA as you understand it, based (must be based) on skills development, as any normal profession.

Re: general conversation. If art is everything, than you just talk about everything, know nothing, can produce nothing and nobody can do anything about it - you are ARTIST and you exploring borders of Fine Art - throwing paint under different angle than Mr. Pollock. Such a philosophy however brought the same statistics: In North America more then 50% of Visual Artists are self employed with income $10,000 per year in Canada (in Canadian dollars) and little bit more in USA.

Those lucky ones who employed as illustrators or scenic artists, where they got their skills? Surely not in Universities. My point is to bring skills back to Fine Art education. I am not talking about your souls - you do not need to sell soul, but skills is highly marketable - drawing and painting. And teach your kids how to draw in schools.

North American Universities and Colleges supply unemployed to welfare offices. Straight from graduation party - in to the line for food stamps. Please find enclosed some statistics (it is not boring - it is ugly):

For Canada: For USA: Timothy,

about starving painters. If you check hours I provided for art teachers education, you can see there are a lot of hours in painting; please find enclosed link:

I don't believe the guy pick up his technique in one of North American educational institutions. About myself. I am working in painting & decorating company as a mural painter, and developing art school for children in Canadian little town of Ancaster. I am computer illiterate and development of my web site took too long, however soon (in one week or so) it will be up and I will share link with all my pleasure - it will be children's art school but some of my work too.

Vitali Satanovski.