Chance to Change College Art Teaching

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Chance to Change College Art Teaching


Published on before 2005

Brian, very well said!!

You can not make peace with those who are out to destroy you.

Figuratively and literally in this case (how many ateliers have you heard of on college campus?), and every day in thousands of art classes and art history classes throughout the western world, our beliefs are ridiculed and trampled on.

And you're [i.e., Greg Scheckler] recommending that we pull our punches with them?

That is the path to impotence, irrelevance, and failure.

ARC's success in building a following for 55 art schools and workshop, from less than 100 properly trained artists each year, to an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 comes from clear unequivocal statements of the truth. This is why people respect us and come to us in the hundreds of thousands every month to hear what we have to say, and to see great art.


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