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Published on before 2005


I've read many articles that lament that our best artists are neglected. I don't agree.

As much as I object to the one-sided exhibition of modern art crap in our major museums I don't believe that the public neglects its fine artists. By now one can see most all of our finest artists on the Internet and read the biographies which attest to their success.

A major part of the job of modern art curators is keeping fine craftsmanship off the walls they control lest the public compares this to the incompetent garbage they have purchased over the years. In the past one had no choice other than that museum stuff and what modern art schools taught. That will come to an end because of the Internet.

No amount of repetitive continuous BS, will ultimately keep the public from eventually recognizing the incompetence and fraud of the fashionable artwork and styles presently considered as great art.