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Cri de coeur


Published on before 2005

Allen Lee writes: "Just thought I would pass on to you an email I recieved from my daughter. It is all so sad for a father to hear."


And I thought last semester art class was bad enough, 3-D foundation is grimacing... these art programs are crippling my spirit. There is no inspiration for me in the works they show, so how am I supposed to create meaningful works based off of them? I have lately been wondering if I am really doing the right thing for my future by being here. I love the town, my friends, the diversity, the nature and overall atmosphere, but really, what am I doing here? They don't care about what I want to learn, what I want to study... I feel robbed of a good education... $22,000 a year, for what? To learn about "artists" who lack any talent? To allow them to cripple my artistic spirit? But do I really want to become part of the statistic of drop out students at UCSC? Ah, I don't know. I just got out of 3-D art, and the class is going to be hellish, but I'll make the best of it I suppose.

Love and miss you,