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Cri de coeur


Published on before 2005

Dear Brianna,

Just a quick note to tell you that you are not alone... not by a long shot.

Most of those students were sucking up, and going along to get along.

Let's see that "professor" of yours debate one of our people here at ARC, and I guarantee she won't be able to deal with the first salvo of evidence and common sense.

You will surely be heartened to know that ARC is currently receiving over 450,000,000 hits per year from more visitors than any museum in America.

Over 150,000 educators, students, artists, and art lovers read the ARC Philosophy every year, and it's growing by over 20% this year over last.

I can't spend any more time now due to hundreds of letters and a business to run, but I wanted to answer your fine letter personally.

Please do not give up. Either fight a rear guard action from within, or perhaps better for your sanity if you wish to learn to be a "real" artist, and sign up for an ARC Approved atelier or academy art school. We have 55 identified, and not one university or college art department in the country qualifies for ARC approval.

Best wishes,
Fred Ross
Allied Old English Inc.
Art Renewal Center
100 Markley Street
Port Reading, NJ 07064