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Re: An interesting article


Published on before 2005

Good morning all, Regarding this article:
dyn/content/article/2006/03/14/AR2006031401961.html But what if the problem is more fundamental than that? What if the real problem is that some significant portion of the U.S. population simply hates art? Not fear. Not ignorance. Not even indifference. But loathing.
My impression:
The public does not hate art they hate modern art, something this article refused to make a distinction on. As I read this article I realized that the writer still does not get it, "MODERN ART SUCKS" and regular folk have always know this, and no amount of "right arguments in their quiver (art can improve cognition, for example)" Is going to change their minds, why the hell should it, their own eyes do not deceive them, modern art is, skill less and boring . . . and as I have said a few times, until that stuff no longer "DOMINATES" our art establishments, peoples minds will always think first of that crap when ever the word ART comes up, hence their indifference can not be changed until that changes.