Greek Achievements

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Greek Achievements

From Brendan Heard

Published before 2005

Yes the political correctness plays its weighty hand - and anyone who prefers western art over eastern or tribal is obviously a Nazi.

I have personally been noticing that this attitude is somewhat slightly in decline... either that or I have gone so far out of my way to be disassociated with post modernists that I have grown ignorant of their insipid menace.

Again, the extremely crushing and simple point cannot be over-emphasized: simply that for fans of (for instance) Greek art like myself and others - there was an earlier more 'tribal' stage in their development when they borrowed styles from Etruscans and Persians and so forth - which was okay.... then they hit upon some bizarre (you'd almost think alien-inspired like the monkeys in 2001) age of total excellence in art, learning and sciences --- invented practically everything that is amazing in current western culture from methods of democracy to advanced geometry, philosophy, drama, architecture, the screw ...and even some kind of bronze-age computer

Still getting to the actual point which trumps the fascism accusations (a point made often by others who are fans of classicism) which is: I AM NOT GREEK!

I don't force myself to prefer Cherokee or Australian aboriginal art out of some sense of politically correct duty - any more than I do Irish history/art and my personal ancestry is Irish.

It can even be further argued that many of the ideals of equality that the post modernists use so fiercely to attack antiquity are based on the ideas and methods of early classical thought, for instance there would arguably have been no enlightenment (the greatest original human rights movement) without the renaissance which was inspired by a resurgence in classical literature / art. Many ideas that did not originate in certain Eastern cultures and would still not exist there and EVERYONE, whether they like it or not applies judgement and discretion to other cultures. For instance it might be widely agreed that the practice of cannibalism,an important aspect to the past of certain cultures, is widely panned and agreed as a bad idea. Nazism itself could be seen as a cultural movement, nobody would disagree it totally sucks. From present day America to historical Inuit, you take what you like and disregard the rest - and its not a crime to say some were more advanced than others.